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Window Cleaning in Elkton, MD

Professional Window Cleaning Services, Also Serving Newark & Middletown, DE

The team at Crossover Janitorial Services can remove smudges, streaks and soil from commercial properties. We can clean your windows on a scheduled basis or when you have a special event coming up. No matter how often you need your windows cleaned, you can count on us to make them shine every time.

Call 410-920-7678 now to schedule routine window cleaning in Newark or Middletown, Delaware or Elkton, Maryland.

How often should you get your windows cleaned?

Some facilities need their windows cleaned more often than others. Here are four types of facilities and our recommended cleaning schedules for them:

  • Restaurants. Clean your windows every two weeks to get rid of grease and moisture buildup.
  • Health care facilities. Clean them monthly to keep your building sanitary.
  • Retail stores. Clean your windows monthly to keep your display windows clear.
  • Office buildings. Clean the windows in your lobby monthly and the rest of your windows at least every other month.

Count on us to clean your windows whenever you need. Contact us ASAP to learn more about our professional cleaning service in Newark or Middleton, Delaware or Elkton, Maryland.

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